Bokitta : Stylish Instant Hijab ( Morocco)

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 Hala Absi: "The word Bokitta is a new word we invented by combining the word "bouquet", meaning an arrangement, and added the "itta" to refer to the lady."

Assalam Aleikoum All,

We all remember those ready to wear hijabs that were not too stylish and frankly a little weird looking!! Anyway, let's forget about them because today, I have something new, stylish and elegant to wear.

 I recently came across a new brand called Bokitta, which just happens to be based in Lebanon, it started from a passion for fashion and became a successful hijab brand all over the world.

The brand was created by Hala Absi and her father, they invented the Voila! Scarf (a ready to wear scarf that requires no pins).

Bokitta morocco ( Anfaplace Casablanca) contacted me to try the brand and to tell my lectrices what I think about their scarves. So I received 3 Hijabs from 3 different collections: Voila! Voila!Maxi and Chic

Diamond - Voila! Maxi
Festival Fushia - Chic!
Fahed - Voila!

Each hijab comes packaged indivually and includes a picture tutorial on how to actually wear the hijab.

What I really like about the bokitta scarves:

  • It is designed in such a way that it looks like a naturally wrapped scarf (with extra layers)
  •  It is made of 100% breathable cotton which is a good thing for hair and scarp health
  •  It preserves its consistent look, because I hate fixing my scarf and loosing pins.

I have some Nays too :
  • It is a bit pricey but the quality is wonderful (between 180MAD and 220MAD)
  •  I wish they have a website in Morocco so we can order our hijabs easily ( we don't all live in Casablanca Dah!)
check the video for a demo ( Darija):

 I am absolutely in love with those hijabs and I really like the concept of the brand.

 Go check bokitta morocco on facebook : HERE


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