20 Random Facts About Me - GETTING PERSONAL

10:05 PM

Assalam Aleikoum,

 I was tagued by my dear Meryem from the blog : les jardins de mode to do the TAG : 20 facts about me, so let's get started Nichaaaan ...

1 - My name is Jamila, my family name is OUDRAY (kinda special)
2 - We are a big family, I have 3 sisters and 5 brothers + Mom + Dad = FC OUDRAY soccer team
3 - I hate mornings, so sometimes you can find me spending my morning in bed, sleeping.
4 - The next destination on my must-visit list is Spain, Austria. I can’t wait till I can finally go

churros with chocolate sauce - Spain
Barcelona - Spain
Vienna  - Austria

5- Those closest to me call me YAYA. I’m not even really sure how that started.
6- When I was in highschool, my fav hobby was : writing ridiculous poems about my teachers. Bad ones really bad ones.
7- I used to hate cats but now ( you can watch my snaps with kitty lil cat)
8- They call me : the lazy yaya ( lme3gaza) because I am the lazy yaya and I'm not really proud, well sometimes I am.
9- I don't have drive license because because because .... well I don't care!
10- I have my own recipes, I love to create new ones !!! shuuuuuuut it's a secret
11- When I cook I often pretend that I am hosting my own show : Merba bikoum lyouma ghadi nwjedo tajine belmokh ....
12- I don't think I would describe myself as a makeup addict, I am not wllah
13 -I love watching National geographic.

14-  I have one best friend and he is a man and he knows himself.
15- My room  is my place of meditation. I spend most of my days/night there.
16- I love swimming, but since 2010 I couldn't swim with my hijab, cuz I hate swimming with all my clothes on. I just love when the water touches my skin.
17- I never was ready to get married or to be in love or in a serious relationship
18- I’m ready to get married now. ( really sooooon btw )
19- Dare I dream? Yes I do. I got a lot of dreams. I just don’t know which one to focus on. and thats my biggest problem. I want to own my beauty center. I want to write for magazines ... The list goes on. But one day I'll be there.


20- and last but not least, I can't stop blogging even in my hardest time :)


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