From Summer to Fall : How to transition your beauty routine? ( + Moroccan bloggers routine )

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Assalam alikoum, 

    First of all, I would like to thank all the guest bloggers for having taken time to share their autumn routine with us, exclusively for my blog.
thank You.

 Summer is gone and I am smiling because I am fully ready for cold seasons, at least I am ready, anyone?

As we move from hot to cold weather we change what we wear and the same attitude should apply to our beauty routine too. While summer skincare is all about sun protection and oil control, fall brings its own challenges. If you wanna get your skin ready for the fall season, keep reading!

  • Summer damage? Exfoilate!

  First thing to do before switching your skin routine, exfoilate all summer damages on skin.
Skin can look especially dry after a summer of fun in the sun. So to make your skin fresher, cleaner and more vibrant, use an exfoliating product. You can also exfoilate it with a traditional way like Hammam especially Moroccan style ( best thing to do after summer). 

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  • You want a perfect bold lipstick? nourish those lips!

  First big Autumne probleme is dry lips, as soon as the temperature drops, start nourishing you lips with a good lip balm, I am in love with labello's and Yves rocher's = good moisture + good price, also don't forget to scrub your lips at least once a week with sugar, olive oil and honney, Also make sure to carry your balm around with you.  
Here is a post about how to take care of your lips? CLICK HERE
By Loupiland
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  • Double Moisturize your skin 

  Fall season is the perfect time to boost your hydration routine, If you have never invested in a night cream, now's the time to try one, choose a good cream with heavy formula, and don't forget your day cream howaever it doesn't have to be heavy, still you can have oily skin even when it's cold out.
Use an SPF, you shouldn’t skip sunscreen in the fall. the Sun is always up there!  
  • Moisturize your body

  When it comes to moisturizers, choose products suited to your skin type and avoid crazy ingedients, use a water-based product if you have normal or oily skin,an oil-based moisturizer for dry or mature skin, and a product free of fragrances for sensitive skin.
Les jardins de mode meryem

    The rule is simple : Moisturize, Moisturize, Moisturize
  • Hand and foot Cream

  When it comes to hand and foot hydration, we feel sluggish! Yup for me it's like doing an extra job! But keeping your hands, feet and nails soft and supple in the colder months can make a huge difference, use a heavy formula if you have very dry skin with fall scents : pumpkin, waffles,spices ... 


 To look your best all year round you need to adjust your skincare routine for each season!

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