My top 5 Favorite Moroccan Bloggers : Beauty, Fashion & lifestyle Edition

3:44 PM

Assalam Alikoum,

Every blog that shows a lot of personality and share informative and interesting content with their readers becomes a favorite for me. Reading different Blogs is one of my favorite things to do whenever I have some time on my hands.

That girl is me is a  fidèle reader to those 5 Moroccan blogs :

#5 Afaf And Marwa : Two sisters, two bloggers passionated about fashion and lifestyle. it's and every single look is so special and wonderfully photographed.


#4 Les jardins de monde Meryem : Meryem, a fashion hijabi blogger, she talks about what we really want to know:Outfits, makeup, hijab styles, déco... and the details of what they are and where to get them also her posts about cuisine and her pictures on her facebook page are just amazingly photographed.


#3 SkinnyJeaans : the power of 3: malika, yassmine and hanae, I just love their colorful blog design and the amazing photography. If you need some fashion ideas check their blog.


#2 Amy realbeauty : one of the very first makeup bloggers, Imane a makeup,beauty and lifestyle blogger. The main focus of her blog is beauty and her reviews are so good that I end up buying some of products she recommends

#1 Defined shadow: The one and only kawtar I’m obsessed with her and her content, She offers so much great articles. her blog focuses mainly on beauty, Makeup tutorials and DIYs and is a real eye candy when it comes to clean and nice photography.


So there you have my current Top 5 Beauty, Fashion & Lifestyle Blogs! I hope you found some new blogs to follow and if you already follow some or all of these lovely ladies, let me know! Also, leave your favourite bloggers on the comments below so I can discover new amazing blogs as well :) 
P.S: I love You

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  1. ça me fait trop plaisir d'être parmi tes top 5, toi aussi tu es très talentueuse, je te souhaite très bon courage !

    1. Merci beaucoup Amy ça me fait énormément plaisir.

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