Hijab Style For Winter - steps -

2:46 PM

Assalam aleikoum,

   Today I'm gonna show you my Way ( not the best)  to wear hijab for winter time in a manner that is more comfortable and warm but  not too tight in neck area and head. 

   Hope this tutorial will give you inspiration to create your own style.

Let's get started.

  1. Place the scarf over your head adjust the scarf so that one side hangs down twice as low as the other.
  2. take the longer side and wrap it over your head
  3. secure your hijab '' with a secure pin "


  1.  take the shorter side, and wrap it to the back 
  2. secure it with a pin ( you can stop here it's already one of my fav style)

  1.   take the rest of the shorter side and roll it
  2. wrap it over you neck and secure it under your scarf and You're done!


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  1. j'adore ce que tu fais ma belle ! un jolie tuto comme la fille qui le porte <3