My everyday Hijab style

9:51 PM

assalam aleikoum,

 When it comes to an everyday hijab style the only thing that matters to me is  I have been wearing this style for a while now and it's super comfy, easy and stylish.

In this tutorial, I used a very basic gray hijab You can use any long hijab you have.
 You need 2 pins, 1 secure pin and that's it.


  1. Put the hijab on. One side short and one side long, and secure it with a pin.
  2. Take the long side and put it over your head. ( pin it on next your right ear, and leave the rest with no pin)
  3. Take the short side and pull it over the neck ( from the back)
  4. Pin the short side on the back to secure.

 This style of hijab is a time saver, also you will not need to re-do it over and over cuz it stays intact for the whole day....
so that's my daily hijab style Hope this tutorial would help you.  

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