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Hello Hello Hello ,

     Going shopping is the most shared passion between us, women, we breathe shopping, but have you ever heard about a pro shopping

     NO!!! okey let me show you my own technique. 
  • Follow these steps and you'll find yourself able to shop like a pro. 


       Make a plan in your hand or your head of what you really need, make a list of needs and wants and that's going to make your shopping going easier.


   Everyone has a purchasing power.with low or high income you'll need to go shopping, but with rationality. set a budget with your list of needs and wants, Like my technique that I call the " < > " it's easy there is no math in there :)
   ex : I have a budget of 300 MAD for a dress
then I'll try to find in the market a dress with a price less than 300MAD.
   So in my list I'll write : dress<300MAD

 P.S: I can always buy the dress of my dream with the >300MAD in sale period. Smart ^^

    In Morocco, you can find all different markets, depend on your purchasing power, you can buy your needs and wants from large stores ( souk) or small ones ( retails) with cheap or expensive prices or you can buy from malls ( Morocco mall, Méga mall ...)and from the website. See you have a large choice :)

4- Think and Rethink before you buy 

          We're already in the place, You find the things you like, try it on, " that's the difference between the store shopping and the online one ".Sometimes online pictures can be really vague, so shopping in-store allows you to touch,feel and see how things fit on you.
    Next find the things on your list,compare the prices and buy the cheapest but with a good quality.

5- Make a deal, make a friend

       The purchase contract is made, You can make a deal with the seller to change an article and it's an opportunity to take his/her personal number phone or the store's number to keep in touch with what's new on the store. 

6- what do you think?

      After reading my article, what do you really think about these steps? do you have the same system or a different one? you can share with us your thoughts and i'll really appreciate it.

P.S : I love you

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